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Usually annual meetings that focus offer a broad spectrum of presentations or focus on a particular genealogical topic.

POST FEEFHS: What I Learned

RESEARCH: Being overprepared to research at the FHL can bring great rewards. I don’t know as much as I think I know. Sometimes I am wrong (and glad of it). One can still be successful even if one does not … Continue reading

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East Prussian Websites

DURING FEEFHS Dr. Roger Minert has been training a new generation of professional genealogists. I have heard three of them within the last year and am very impressed with their professionalism, knowledge base, and especially the fact that all of … Continue reading

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Feefhs Preparation

The next five posts include a break from the series of posts about the resources in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Library and Archives on the Fifth Floor, specifically describing the best resources for understanding the end of the … Continue reading

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Research 2012-2015 Post 14 International Tracing Service

2014: At the Feefhs conference in Salt Lake City I was privileged to spend an hour with Dr. Diane Afoumado, PhD, Chief of the ITS (International Tracing Service) Research Branch at the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center at the … Continue reading

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Research 2012-2015: Essen Archives: PART III

2015: I decided that I should contact the Essen Archives myself to see if they could send me the civil birth registration record of the third aunt who had been born in Essen in 1904. I also asked them for … Continue reading

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Experiences at the Feefhs Conference

Presentations: I was scheduled to give two presentations: Skillbuilders: More Brick Walls in Genealogical Research: Two of the examples were the same as last year, but three were added as a result of research I have done in the last … Continue reading

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German American Genealogical Partnership

At the end of May I was one of about 125 people who witnessed the signing of the Proclamation of St. Paul and which “describes the goal to create a closer German-American genealogical relationship between all interested societies.” This ceremony … Continue reading

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