Results from Emigrants Index from Stalluponen to Poland (now Lithuania) 1816-1877 Part II

(Information is from three FHL microfilms)

FHL FILM 1539248 48 Item 1

I found a nicely- typed copy of names alphabetized by years starting in 1822. This was exactly the time period I was interested in. Many birth dates were in the 1820s, the decades before the churches were established and records were beginning. I observed a mixture of Lithuanian and German names and lots of surnames with-at endings. Some names in my family I recognized were Guddat, Keller, Kratz spelled Kraatz, and Sauskat.
Some names I recognized from other researchers were Martin Hirsch, Michael Hirsch.
I was especially interested in those who had Kybarti, Mariampole, Pilwischken, Virballis, and Wilkowischken as destinations and copied about 45 records.

Sample Card: Christian Guddat

image (372)

Information includes: religious persuasion, maiden name, date of birth, children’s names and years of birth, place of residence, cross-references to spouses and children, occupation, place of birth, father’s name, and date when this information was compiled.
Sometimes the Kreis was listed as Ebenrode, not Stalluponen, a name changed dated to 1938. Almost all of the emigrants were from locations in Kreis Stalluponen.

There were no Spurgats or Hutops to be found! But I also found records of surnames familiar to me from my maternal lines and lines other readers of this blog are searching for: Guddat, Hirsch, Keller, Kratz spelled Kraatz, and Sauskat.

The film did suggest the origin of some the families and the following list was compiled as possible place to look for Spurgat and Hutop origins in Kreis Stalloponen, East Prussia.
These films are fairly easy to read, and perhaps, your family name might be there or at least you might collect a list of locations of interest in East Prussia.
I made a list of all the people who came to Wylkowiscken, etc. from 1822 to 1858, most from Kreis Stalluponen as a source of possible locations to look in East Prussia.

The fact that these records are typed is an indication of a 20th century recording. What remains unknown is the original source of these records. Some of the records were handwritten. The 1934 to 1938 records could easily have been the originals.
The following list includes the places in Kreis Stalluponen and nearby kreise that those who came to the Wylkowischken area were from and creates a list of locations to check for records in those parishes.

You may contact me for a copy of the card if you find one of interest. There are many more who went to other locations that you may want to check.

1. Johann Adam 1822
2. Friedrich Postschlies
3. Elizabeth Schlelmminger 1823
4. Johann Christian Lange 1824
5. Wilhelm Vorek
6. Karl Kusehmann 1825 Wlikowischen
7. Michael Mauriszat
8. Ludwig Boettcher 1827 Wilkowischen
9. Christian Klein 1828 Mariampol
10. Anton Borokatis 1829
11. Johann Mathas Raeder
12. Johanna Christinna Reinbacher
13. George Schattauer 1830 tischler Mariampol
14. Christoph Griegoschat 1832 Pilwischken
15. Christan Guddat
16. Johann Jonat Pilwischken
17. George Kaleher
18. Christian Naujoks Mariampol
19. Jons Petrikat Pilwischken
20. Jacob Starratis Pilwischken
21. Johann Keller 1833
22. Christian Schaumann Gudellen
23. Wilhelm Ritzke
24. Christiam Sziedat
25. Johann Guttmann 1834 Guttkehman
26. Michel Linitzky 1835 Mariampol
27. Casper Friedrich Perner Mariampol and Wilkowischen
28. Eva Raeder
29. Kallweit, Christop 1836
30. Friedrich Perner
31. Anton Kruszewski 1837 Mariampol and Pilwischken
32. Heinriette Schwand
33. Heinrette Schwandt married Christian Glanert
34. Joseph Christian Schmelling 1839
35. Johann Kaukas 1840
36. Ewa Scheidereit geb. Mickeleit Pilwischken
37. Christina Kaul 1841
38. Maria Raedner
39. Christian Schattner Pojewon
40. Christoph Voight Pojewon
41. Heinrich Hauss (not Hutop) 1843
42. Christian Maszig 1846 Suwalki
43. Glass (not Gutop) 1848
44. Petwiz 1849
45. Ensies Dirwelies 1858 Mariampol

FHL FILM 1539246: Item 2 is a continuation of continuation of FHL FILM 1539248. These alphabetical typed lists are similar but from the later 19th and early 20th century.
Some names in my family and those of readers of this blog (that I know about) include: Blum, Bonaker, Kaptain and Kaptein, and Keller. The film ends with the Kosak name.

FHL FILM 1539247 Item 1 is a very long typed alphabetical list with many later 19th century and 20th century entries. This film continues with Kozak and ends with Oswald. I found 4 Lingertats, a name from another researcher.

Item 2 starts with names with that start with the letter P. Names I found included Wallat, Westenberger, and two different –gat names from Mariampole. Sch is separately listed after the alphabetical S. I noted several listings for tischlers, (cabinetmakers.) A few are out of alphabetical order in the Ws. (i. e. there are 2 sets of Wagner, Weger, Weger). Some Ws are after Zs.

This film is now digitized but available for viewing only at your local FHC, its affiliates, or the FHL. In other words it is locked for home viewing.


About suwalkigermans

I started family research in 1993. My first two books focused on my maternal grandparents. Both families came from Kreis Rosenberg, West Prussia, to Big Rapids, Michigan. I left the Spurgats from Wylkowiszki in the Russian Empire as the third book because of the difficult and challenging research it required. After I published the book in 2010, I wondered what to do next. I thought I might try to share some of my research with others and maybe at the same time, by going digital, someone would find me. When you read the comments, you will see that happened. The best part of all this is helping others.
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