4th Anniversary

4th Anniversary

I interrupt this series to write the Fourth Anniversary blog! It is hard to believe that this is the beginning of the fifth year.


Some internal improvements were made early in 2016:

Categories and Tags added in January, but nobody ever commented on the lack of categories or tags.

Other posts were cleaned up. For example, the map was added to German Parishes in Suwalki Province. “Map of the History of the German Settlement in Lithuania”  Posted   on February 3, 2013

The content was corrected for Post 9 July 31, 2015. Landsmen 2011 to 2012 Posted on     July 31, 2015

The content was also corrected for conclusion to –at families, first page chapter 1,          probably 2013. Conclusion to the –at Ancestors Posted on January 18, 2016


  1. The longest series of posts, based on my research, will be ongoing. Now you know what I was doing when I wasn’t writing posts. Hope all these posts help you.
  2. You may expect to be interrupted by other subjects as they arise after a topical break in a series.
  3. This blog is for researchers, not to post information about my family unless its intent is to illustrate a point. This became evident when I looked at the number of times I tagged Resources, the most of any other tag. Second was Swualki as to be expected.
  4. By far the most gratifying part has to be the researchers whom I’ve helped. The very best part is when the researchers keep me in the loop and the allow me to write up “our” mutual research.
  5. Connecting families: Earlier I had written about the joy of recognizing the names of several names researchers were looking for. Now it has to be connecting families. A recent example has been a Lithuanian –aitis researcher with the American –at researcher!
  6. The comments researchers have made are so generous. Thank you. They keep me going! I am thrilled that you read my blog and tell me your stories.
  7. And yes, I have added more links and media.


  1. The ever elusive map is an ongoing project meant to inspire others to do likewise.
  2. Report on two German conferences with special attention to East Prussia.
  3. The most gratifying goal would be to work with at least two researchers to help them to tell other researchers about our mutual research.
  4. Working with a German researcher, Working with the Essen Archives, and a German translator.
  5. An update on the Autosomal DNA I have become involved in.
  6. Continued research with the Lithuanian Historical Archives in Vilnius.
  7. Research with the International Tracing Service records at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Holocaust, Survivors and Victims Resource Center on the second floor, and Library and Archives on the fifth floor.

Thank you, Suwalki Researchers!

About suwalkigermans

I started family research in 1993. My first two books focused on my maternal grandparents. Both families came from Kreis Rosenberg, West Prussia, to Big Rapids, Michigan. I left the Spurgats from Wylkowiszki in the Russian Empire as the third book because of the difficult and challenging research it required. After I published the book in 2010, I wondered what to do next. I thought I might try to share some of my research with others and maybe at the same time, by going digital, someone would find me. When you read the comments, you will see that happened. The best part of all this is helping others.
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