Genealogical Information from German Families in the Marijampole Lutheran Church

The pastor of the Marijampole Lutheran Church graciously showed me a folder of genealogical information 18 researchers have sent him over the years. The following incomplete information was compiled from the very brief time I had access to the folder.
The following data is incomplete and has been transcribed from notes hurriedly taken. I made the decision to list names, places, and dates as accurately as I could, but was not able to add any additional information. Some families were very detailed; some were very brief. Some were typed; some were hand-written notes; and some were copies of original documents. If you see a duplicate name, that is because the name appeared on more than one record.
I have seen some of these names on microfilmed records and a few others on markers and crosses in the old German cemeteries we visited.

Here are the first six families. Families 7-18 will appear in teh next two posts.
Family 1: Adamas Lingertaitis 1794 – 1864 11 22
Katryna Brazaityte Marijampole
Kristijonas Gutauskas
Ona Felgendeebe
Jurgis Georg Kalau
Note: All submitted information was supported by copies and microfilmed Polish and Russian records. (Probably from LDS in Salt Lake City.)
Family 2: Karolis Blumas (Karl Blum) and Mariona Naujonaite (Marianna Naujek)
Birth of Alena 1913
Christian Adonat Mariampole
George Adonat and Luise geb. Eike
Adolf Adamait Kristian Adamait
Helene Gerulat Karoline Getz
Gustav Gerulat
Adeline Kwitschau
Gustave Adomat
Auguste Adamat
Christop Galinat
Family 3: Ludwig Robert Weiss
Olga Emila Rautezyte
Friedrich Veisas (ver???) Marijampole
Aughuste Gundermann Pr??? Zermanaite
Karl Ranter Marijampole 1940
Amalie Kassmanm
Family 4: Simon Fuchs 1657 + 1735
Hofmann und Kammerer
Reg. Bez. Graswischkem
Gross Schwulper
Alt Lubohnen
Family 5: Mariana Schnell
Julius Schnell
Family 6: Helenea Preuss 1922 confirmation
Adolphus Lange—marriage
Helena Preisaite
Julius Lange
Auguste geb. Lehrmann
August Preuss
Pauline Krutschke
Vilkavisk Sep 1940
August Preuss
Pauline Krutschke Wylkowiszki
Ferdinand Preuss
Christine Bartel
Karl Krutschke
Henriette Baraponski
Julius Lange
Karolina Schnell
Johann Bognslow/Gottlieb Lehmann
Auguste Lehmann
Ameli geb. Weissman
Adolf Lange Marijampole
Johann Lehmann
Anna Kreitschau
Adam Lehmann
Emilie Weiss___________
Johann Kreitschau
Anna Teifenberger
Auguste Gottlieb Lehmann
Anna Kreitschau
Julius Lange
Karoline Achnell
Karl Lange
Christina Rittberger
Wilhelm Schnell
Christina Errei???

About suwalkigermans

I started family research in 1993. My first two books focused on my maternal grandparents. Both families came from Kreis Rosenberg, West Prussia, to Big Rapids, Michigan. I left the Spurgats from Wylkowiszki in the Russian Empire as the third book because of the difficult and challenging research it required. After I published the book in 2010, I wondered what to do next. I thought I might try to share some of my research with others and maybe at the same time, by going digital, someone would find me. When you read the comments, you will see that happened. The best part of all this is helping others.
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