List of 1932 Membership of Virbalis Lutheran Church

The pastor of the Marijampole Lutheran Church provided a list of the 660 members and the names of the locations in the Virbalis jurisdiction.

virbalis church person and soul

Because this list was made during Lithuania’s short independence between WWI and WWII, the names appear in Lithuanian, and some misspellings may occur. The reader will acknowledge the very small number of parishioners in each kaimas (village) to the larger membership in a larger miestas (city) like Virbalis or Kybarty.

An example is given below.
52 localities within the Virbalis parish were listed. An * (asterick) indicates which names (25) were located on Google Maps and/or the online Lithuanian map at followed by the spelling of the name searched. Use Google translate to find the English translation. Coordinates were determined by placing the cursor near the pinpoint and recorded if the village was located on Google Maps.

Most of the villages located on were near Virbalis, Vilkaviskis, or Marijampole; others were not. “Use” means this location was found on but not on Google Maps so no coordinates are given. “See” means to check this online map to see the name of this village in a different location in Lithuania.

In 10 instances the village was not found on either online map. Researchers should check other sources to determine this location.

Virbalis evang-luther parapijos naviy sarasas (Virbalis EVANG-Lutheran parish NaviSite Tracklist)
Number Name as Written on Tracklist Name Searched Search Results
1-205 Virbalis Virbalis 54° 37.763′, 22° 48.903′
206 Aleksandravo kaimas Alexsandravo Use
207-210 Berziniu k.* Berziniai 54° 31.919′, 22° 55.704′
211-215 Bajoru kaimas Bajoriai See
216-284 Daugelaiciu kaimas* Daugelaiciai 54° 37.387′, 22° 45.042′
246-249 Endriskiemiu Endriskiemiai Did not find.
250-255 Egliniskiu kaimas Egliniskiu kaimas 54° 26′ 17.46″, 22° 52′ 44.73″
54° 25′ 2.66″, 22° 52′ 54.85″
256-259 Eustachavo kaimas Eustachovo kaimas Did not find.
260-284 Gutkavo kaimas Eustachavo kaimas Did not find.
285-289 Hasfortavo-Kunigiskiu Kunigiskiai 54° 31.929′, 22° 49.204′
(Note: Coordinates given are for Pajevonys as established in an earlier post that Hasfortavo was the German name, Kunigiskiu (Kunigiškiai) the Lithuanian name, and the location is now the village of Pajevonys).

scan0002 (3)

The remainder of the  list will appear in the next post.


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